Paris is... random, rainy and mostly delightful

Paris, ah Paris. The pastries were heavenly, the baguettes made me weep with joy, the flan made me positively giddy. But there were some odd juxtapositions. When we went to Versailles, we got a bit more than we bargained for. Not only was there an exquisite palace rife with historical significance, priceless art and unbelievable architecture, but there was a modern artist on display. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy all types of art, but I found the display of an enourmous balloon dog (the type you twist into different shapes) in the middle of the royal courtyard a bit odd. In another room, I believe the throne room there was a huge blow-up lobster. At the end of the Hall of Mirrors, I repeat The Hall of Mirrors, where the treaty of Versailles was signed, there was a huge blue mylar balloon.

Really? I mean, really? A mylar balloon? While I'm at it, did the statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles the monkey have to be displayed near the war room? I officially voice my displeasure. And besides, Michael's a lover not a fighter. I thought he told you.

Well, one can't dwell on that forever. After a our trip to Versailles (which really was great, I'm just being finicky) we went to the top of L'arc d'Triomphe and climbed to the top. Even in the rain Paris is lovely.
There were so many things to discover in this city, and now that I'm home I keep thinking about the things we should have gone to see, but there just wasn't enough time. One of my favorite things, however, were those chance encounters with something truly delightful. On my way back from the Champs-Elysees, I ran into this entire gypsy band in the metro. They were amazing. I stayed and listened to them for 15 minutes or so, entranced by the infectious rhythms and the delicious harmonies of their voices and instruments.

I must admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for street musicians. Not all of them are worth writing home about, but I have stumbled upon many who have brightened my day, and inspired me with their passion and talent.

Incidentally, Jeff was completely nonplussed by the modern art in Versailles, so I guess it was just me. But I think being deeply offended by a mylar balloon in the wrong place is perfectly natural.



Joel said…
If I only had a dime for every time I was offended by a misplaced mylar balloon...
Jen said…
Ah, that sounds like the art of none other than Jeff Koons. I'm not a fan but he is everywhere. also: i heart paris.

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