One last Amsterdam post

This is last post on Amsterdam and I warn you, things could get random. Walking around the city, visiting the Anne Frank house, and the Van Gogh museum were some of the highlights of our visit. We took a canal cruise, a canal cruise! Who knew they did that? And who knew that you could do a 3 point turn in a boat? You couldn't even see out the windows of the boat after about the first ten minutes, but we had a fabulous time talking about the ins and outs of American politics with one hilarious Englishman and two Croatians.
What else is there to say? We had a great time, here is the rundown: There were a bazillion bikes, I wanted to take a picture of ever canal bridge I passed and probably did, we saw people holding hands while riding bikes side by side (which I think is absolutely adorable - big surprise), there was some crazy carnival less than a block away from our hotel, but it made finding our way back to the hotel a breeze (just look for the enormous neon rides!). I got lost and distracted by this cool old church and totally found myself in the red light district. It was a brief visit but I definitely saw the more scandalous side of Amsterdam. There was a cool old church that we had dinner the second night and we had dinner in a botanical garden the last night which was ever so refreshing and delightful. Like going on a picnic without the bugs. I have officially made good on my promise of randomness, and here I shall end. Yay Amsterdam!


Joel said…
Hmm, I'm hearing a conversation from sometime in the future between Amy and her boss.

"Hi, I won't be in today. I... got in an accident."
"Oh, my! What happened?"
"Well, my husband and I were holding hands while riding bikes..."
"Never mind. I don't want to know."

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