Aaaand .. we're back!

After going to bed at 6pm last night (yes, 6pm) and waking up at 2 am and then again at 5:30 am we are well on our way to adjusting back to Mountain Standard Time. It was a great trip, albeit rainy, and cold. We first went to Amsterdam.

Two thing that struck us about this beautiful city were the canals and the endless amount of bikes. There are bikes everywhere. I rented a bike for a day while Jeff was in meetings and it was actually hard to find a stationary object that didn't already have bikes completely surrounding it.

There are bikes for every function:

Bikes for picking up your kids from school-

Bikes for taking who-knows-what to where ever you want-

Bikes for taking who-knows-what to where ever you want while expressing your love of pink-

It's probably because most of the streets are tiny, and one way because of all the canals so it makes driving a car through the streets pretty difficult-

Forgive me for the fuzzy picture, I was actually on a bike when I took this picture. Needless to say, we didn't see many fat Amsterdamers. The bikes and canals and the tiny streets gave it a flavor all it's own. It is a beautiful city.



Joel said…
How long before you move there to be with more of your kind?

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