Americans in Paris

Paris! We were both so excited to go. So after a 4 hour train ride sitting across from a strangely matched couple (the man was Dutch, the woman was Chinese, neither of them spoke each other's language, but they both spoke some English. Well, communication isn't that important in a relationship.. they were moving to Paris by the way, and neither spoke French - awesome) We stayed in a hotel that was only a block away from the Eiffel tower. So we spent the next few days just taking in as much of Paris as we could. That meant eating baguettes and cheese in the park looking at the Eiffel tower and wandering through the area around Versailles, through an open air market and a beautiful flower market. Plus, we ate as many pastries as we could possibly stand.


katherine said…
oh how i love europe!! i loved eating bread and cheese in the morning, then venturing out to see the sights. um . . . so jealous of your trip, how fun!!

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