Great Words

I interrupt these European blog posts for a not so important thought. I was just thinking of the word "buckaroo" and how fun it was to say. There are definitely words that, for some reason or another, brighten the world around us just by being said. Perhaps they sound silly, or really smart, or are extremely descriptive, but here is a small list of words I think should be said more often just for the sheer enjoyment of it:

Buckaroo (now, who could be sad when called that?)
Fandango (makes me want to dance)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (I can't say it without thinking about 1st grade)
Pulchritude (sounds nothing like it's meaning... such a sneaky word)
Galloping (doesn't the word just sound like the action?)
Schnitzel (oh, the possibilities...)
Hossenfeffer (I first heard this on Looney Tunes. Say it with a hoity-toity accent it sounds even better)
Spurious (a great word to use when indignant)
Reprobate (another good indignant word, combines nicely with the one above it)

I'll end with one I just learned today:
Anatidaephobia - a fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you. (thank you Gary Larson)



Joel said…
You forgot to credit Gary Larson
Joel said…
I secretly love the word "bastard." Shh, don't tell anyone.
KT said…
You know big words. Also, bring me back an old French man, so I can keep him and call him 'pappy.'

I'd love that...

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