And it is finally finished

I finally finished my fixed gear. I think that the tan sidewalls gave it the finishing touch that I was looking for. Found 'em at a garage sale for $2. Score. I had originally ordered gold barwrap, but it turned out to be way too 70's disco for me. Luckily, I ran across the tan stuff at Fishers.

For all of you out there that feel like building a bike, Spin Cycle just moved locations and had a bunch of old Schwinn frames in the basement that they will be selling pretty cheap. From what I understand the are 1970's and 1980's ten speed frames and they should be out of storage sometime next week. I'll keep you posted.

Don't worry, there will be plenty of more posts about Europe. Hopefully in the next post Amy will tell you how she accidentally wandered into the red light district.



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