Tufts 10K and some VERY important visitors (to us - no Bon Jovi didn't stay at my house)

I wasn't going to run it. But a friend of mine had already registered and couldn't run so I took her spot. Who knew it would be 80+ degrees? It was just a 10k, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it was hard. I chose a pace that I could have maintained had it been about 5 or 10 degrees cooler, but as it was I was mentally yelling at myself for the last 2 miles:
It was inspiring to see all those women (and the occasional dude) running together through Boston and I was proud of my time in that heat. But see that look on my face? It is saying "I'm so happy it's over! I'm so happy it's over!"
And I would do it again tomorrow. Runners are crazy.
Then we hung out with my dear parents who came out to Boston just to see us before they left on their mission to London! Wow, I felt so loved!

We hung out in the North end, Bean got totally drenched playing in the fountain and scared the crap out of a sleeping guy at the park by grabbing his nose. How jarring must that be to be woken from a blissful sleep in the sunshine to a tiny hand grabbing your face?
We finished our tour of the city with a pantsless baby because Jeff and I are still rookies and didn't think to bring extra pants. Seriously, how are we parents anyway?

Still, a good time was had by all.


Kate's Kingdom said…
Yes, indeed-ie do! We all did have a great time and the weather was great--except to run in a 10K. We made wonderful memories in an interesting and historic city. Even better, spending time with people you love.

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