A letter to my nephews and nieces

When my sister asked me to send a message to her children about the importance of listening to good music I was captivated by the idea and totally intimidated by the task. Talking about, and labeling music as good or bad is really tough for any musician. I can see the talent and appreciate the work that goes into any piece of music whether it is by Eminem or Brahms. However, as much as I can see the good in all music, there is definitely music that is not good for you.
Music is emotional. There is no way around it, it makes you feel more deeply, and draws you in. This piece for example, will always stir my soul, and make me feel things in my heart almost indescribable.

Music is powerful. That is why every movie I've ever seen has a sound track. Music makes you feel things. That's the beauty and the problem with music. If music is good, it can come back to your mind and bring those same awesome feelings again. But if music has a message that tells you to mistreat women, take drugs, use people just to have sex with them, that stuff comes back too. Your mind can remember nearly everything it experiences and I promise you, that music about when Eminem* beats his wife will stay with you, it will come back to you and you will have to make a conscious effort to put it out of your mind.

I could write an entire book on this subject, but the bottom line is, we all want to be happy. I mean, REALLY happy. So, fill your mind, and your ipod with music that allows you to be happy. Listen to music that is going to make you joyful. There is SO much out there!
Like this:

and this:

and this:

and since we're on the subject of my favorite b boy,

Music, like all art, should make you higher, deeper, better. Find the music that does that and you will never regret it. I promise you.

Love you guys and miss you so much,

*I actually think Eminem is enourmously talented, but most of his lyrics reflect a pretty painful life and a very angry guy.


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