Mama's Boy

I remember the first time I changed a little girl's diaper after having the Bean. It was incredible. She just lay there, patiently, cooing at me as I wiped her bum. Changing the Bean has ALWAYS been like changing a caged badger.
I remember, before we knew what we were having, being sure we would have a girl. It took a little bit for me to wrap my head around not being able to dress my baby in pink after that first ultrasound. Most of my sibling's children are girls so naturally I thought I'd be having one too (one sister has 4 daughters and no sons! That's a lot of estrogen!). It was a little different at first, always being on guard for a stray stream of pee, making sure he had enough 'wiggle time' even when he was 6 weeks old, and stopping to check out construction sites (as I stand there with the Bean pointing and gawking at the construction makes me want to shout "Ha! Who feels objectified now?!?"). All in all having a boy has been a VERY fun ride. For the most part, I love chasing him as he runs (walking was so 2 months ago, he runs everywhere now - I'm so proud) from place to place trying to see, taste, touch and experience everything. I love the fact that he already likes to take things apart and see how things work, that he likes to race his cars and wants to put his hand over mine when he sees me dribble a ball. The only downside, I would say, is the frequent bumps, bruises, scrapes, and cuts that are starting to appear on my budding Captian America as he climbs over, through, around, and falls off of, everything that will stay still long enough. I'm happy to announce Mister Evil Kneivil Jr. has survived another day. That is no small feat.


Kristin said…
Crazy how big he is getting! It happens way too fast! I remember when he was a newborn (What are you doing at church so soon after having a baby! :) ) And look at him now. a little toddler man!

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