My dream last night post #7 or how man discovered fire

So. I was in a speed boat with some guy that I think is famous right now, maybe the guy from Green Lantern? I'm not sure. He shot his cabbage gun (a gun that shoots cabbage, not a gun made of cabbage) and it turned him into a water-skiing hippo.

He tried to morph into a giraffe, but only succeeded in becoming something between a cheetah and a turtle. A churtle? A teetah?

I think he did it by flexing his muscles (the changing of one shape to another. Think of the flexing a baby does when he/she poops. Yeah, that kind of flexing). Then I think as he let go of the rope and skied (on his feet/flippers/whatever) to shore he changed into something vaguely resembling a stegosaurus where there were some dinosaurs milling around, because evidently my dream took place during the Mesozoic Era.
So, it turns out that my stegosaurus friend started talking to the dinosaurs and found out that they were quite smart! They lived in villages! They communicated from village to village through a town crier! They had a town crier! How smart is that? It turns out they also had fire, and that secret was brought to some cave men nearby by my cabbage gun wielding, stegosaurus looking, movie-star friend.
And that's how man discovered fire.


kristin said…
Like I said: Picasso. Picasso.

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