Bah Hahbah (Bar Harbor for those who don't speak Mainiac)

We went to Bar Harbor this weekend with our good friends the Marshalls so that Kristin and I could run the Mt. Desert Island marathon. I'll post about the marathon next time, but this post's all about the town. I grew up in Maine, and Mt. Desert Island was like all of the loveliest memories of that time all squeezed into one beautiful island.
The woods behind the house we rented were indeed, lovely, dark and deep. Bean thoroughly enjoyed himself.

It was beautiful. My favorite thing was walking along the land bridge that leads out to Bar Island. The land bridge is only accessible at low tide, so we inched our way out there as the tide receded. All while trying to keep the Bean from taking a swim.


Kristin said…
So glad we could go there together! Next time we need to really stay for longer. There will be no need to convince me! Also my favorite part was the fun walk on that sand bar! Maybe next time we'll find star fish!
scooping it up said…
awesome pictures! so pretty.

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