I've got the power!

Hurricane Irene came and went, we emerged relatively unscathed. But I whined like a fat kid who had been cut off from chocolate cake; for two whole days we were without power. This is strictly a first world problem (up there with your GPS taking you the long way home), but I seriously thought I was going to die, or at least huddle in the corner during the Bean's naps and write really dark poetry.
Here's the funny thing, we were planning on going camping that weekend but after experiencing all the non-fun things about camping (eating out of a cooler, making sure your mayonnaise doesn't go bad and kill you all, reading by candle light, figuring out how to fill all the daylight hours without recorded music...) all the fun things about camping (the woods, the adventure of it all, pooping somewhere new...) couldn't lure me away from a working fridge, an apartment full of electric lights and my lovely computer. Maybe in a few weeks.


scooping it up said…
this is hilarious! camping is overrated in my mind. hiking heck yes. camping, meh.
Anonymous said…
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