Foods I'm addicted to right now

1. Dill Pickles (that is pretty much a standard though)
2. Sparkling water
3. Home-made Larabars inspired by this blog, sent to me by this blogging mama friend.
4. Spring rolls - with a Thai nut sauce to die for - made by this raw-food goddess.
5. Sigh of I proclaim how stereotypically female I am..... dark chocolate.
6. Fage yogurt. It has tons of protein, so it's great since I rarely eat meat anymore.
7. Cilantro. It makes everything better. Except chocolate. Well, I haven't tried, but I'm going on a hunch.
8. Dried pears. Anything that cilantro does not make better, dried pears will.
9. Quinoa. So yummy, so healthy.
10. Mango.

I could go on and on...

What foods are your faves?


scooping it up said…
cilantro, jalapeno jelly, whole foods 365 brand granola, and baby, i am gonna blog my made up recipe tonight for the masses. ;)

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