A Bean update

Things are going pretty well for the Bean. Except for the little bump on his forehead that he is now sporting from falling yesterday. That's another story. I'm still getting over it. Anyway, Bean's got to wear his fall/winter jammies from his Grandma. He looks so cute in them I can hardly stand it.

He can channel his inner Tom Cruise from "Risky Business".

He's getting pretty good at occupying himself while I'm practicing or rehearsing with my accompanist. Sometimes it will get really quiet and I'll come out to check on him and he'll be seated in the midst of a pile of books, quietly leafing through the pages. My little baby nerd. It warms my heart.

A friend loaned us a dragon costume for Halloween and so far, he's not a fan. Here he is fleeing the scene:

He now can say two new words: train and doggie. They sound more like "aggie" and "dain" but I'll take it!
We are thrilled to be his parents everyday and have the very special job of making sure he doesn't kill himself before he reaches the age of two. It's a pretty challenging job.


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