The Bean's guilty pleasure

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for the Bean. He's got a stomach bug, so he's been more clingy and needy than usual. We were in the car and he was NOT happy. When times get desparate, I just start passing him non-sharp, non-toxic items just to see if one will catch his interest and placate him. I passed him this little coloring book and the crying stopped. Pretty soon however, I could hear from the back seat:
...and on and on. Looking back at the mirror positioned in front of him I could see that Bean was munching on the coloring book and then scolding himself for doing it(he knows I don't let him do that)... and then munching on it again.
It's OK, Bean, we all have guilty pleasures. I do pretty much the same thing when I eat cheap chocolate (expensive, well made chocolate, on the other hand? There are rarely any regrets...).
But I still stopped the car and took it away from him.

I don't have any pics of him in the act of paper-consumption, so here's the Bean engaged in a Mama-sanctioned activity.


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