This just in, you're not nearly as fit as you think

Unless you've done an Ultraman. Remember how the Ironman was the ultimate in fitness achievement? Swim 2.4 miles then bike 112 miles then run an entire marathon. When I first heard about it I got tired just reading the stats. I thought, I had no idea the human body could do all that! Then I learned about Dean Karnzes and the other ultramarathoners that would run multiple hundreds of miles at one go. Amazing. How do you even begin to push your body that far?
Though I never really aspire to running a 100+ miles at a time I would really like to complete an Ironman someday. In my naievete I thought that if I completed one of those I would really have attained the pinacle of fitness. Boy was I wrong. Today I found out about the Ultraman. I am in complete shock and total awe. This is how it goes:

First you swim 6.2 miles in open water.
Then you bike 171.4 miles.
Then you run 52.4 miles.

The whole thing takes 3 days.
You have to be invited to compete.
My mind is officially blown.


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