Movie buff, or rather, Movie-sort-of-buff

I'm not an extremely well seasoned movie buff, but I've decided to share my limited knowledge of the really good films I've seen with the world. Now, most of these movies have been around for some time; I'm not saying new movies aren't worth seeing. But these films are referenced over and over again in new movies and really pushed the boundries of film making to the point it is at today. So here is a list of movies I feel YOU MUST SEE.

1. Room with a View
2. On the Waterfront
3. The Great Escape
4. North by Northwest
5. The Wizard of Oz
6. Psycho
7. Rear Window
8. The Great Race
9. A Streetcar Named Desire
10. The Philadelphia Story
11. Singin' In the Rain
12. Some Like it Hot
13. African Queen
14. Strange Brew
15. Waking Ned Divine
16. An American in Paris
17. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
18. Stand By Me
19. Life is Beautiful
20.The Postman
21. The Sixth Sense
22. Nosferatu

So what movies do you think are absolutely must-see movies?


Kathleen said…
Most of your movies I have seen and can agree with you on your choices. One movie I particularly think I would add on a similar list for me is "A Man for All Seasons". This focuses of integrity like not many other films. (Integrity, smegrity. Who needs that?)
Kristin said…
You forgot Peewee Herman's Great Adventure!
One of my favorite of all time shows is The Count of Monte Cristo, but a classic that everyone should sit through is Gone with the Wind...ooooh and Somewhere in Time!
scooping it up said…
The Black Stallion (yes, the children's book is better as far as plot but the cinematography, in my humble opinion is the best I've ever seen. there are a full 18 minutes where no one speaks, and it is so riveting and beautiful the two older littles watch it ALL the time with nary a twtich to get down and play.)

If you can find a TV edited version, or not, if that is how you roll, I think Blood Diamond is a really really important movie. As well as The Devil Came on Horseback and God Grew Tired of Us and a Walk to Beautiful.

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