A Bean update

He's almost 11 months old and here's what he's been up to:
1. Getting into everything

2. The dishwasher is the new hotness. Every time I open it, he's all over it like white on rice.
3. He is afraid of the chromatic scale. Specifically, I play one on the chromatic pitch pipe I have and he cries.

4. He is standing all the time, but not without support.

5. He and Jeff are totally BFFs. He cries when Jeff leaves, he looks for Daddy in every room when I ask "Where's Dada?" and generally acts like the Rolling Stones just stopped by whenever Jeff gets home.

6. He loves getting his teeth brushed. (like mother like son :)
7. He is starting to interact with his little friend (she's 2 months older than he is) instead of just ignoring her as she tries to grab his hair.
8. He's mind-blowingly adorable. I can hardly stand it.

9. He likes being naked. Whenever I change him, he tries to bolt. Sometimes he succeeds.

10. He has 7 teeth!


dstangl said…
What a cutie, Amy. I didn't realize dishwasher love was a universal baby thing. When Finn discovered ours he climbed up onto the door. Now he loves to push the trays in and close the door for us.
Erika said…
He is such a little boy now. I can't believe how fast the past year has gone.

Miss you guys!

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