I don't think I'm alone here, but I feel like I just want to be the discoverer of the next big thing. I don't know what that next big thing is or if it is a big thing to those around me or just me. I have lots of interests, some I am seriously pursuing (vocal performance, being a good mother/wife, running two marathons this year...) some that I dabble in when I happen to be knocked over by a muse (composing, poetry) and some things I am yet to really do anything great but I aspire to do so (writing something that gets published and enjoyed by many people). I just listened to this radio article from Radio Lab and I was inspired. Evidently I need to be working harder at this creativity thing.
There has been a rash of pledges lately by friends and bloggers that I follow about what they will and will not do from this moment on. I haven't really felt the need to do the same. Until now. I am going to figure out what the next big thing I am supposed to do is, by gum. And here is how:

1. Dedicated prayer every morning. Written down.
I most definitely believe in a higher power. I think he wants us all to achieve our creative potential. I recently read The Help and I loved that Aibileen wrote down her prayers. Sometimes I have to write things down to really find clarity and I'm going to see if this helps. I'm going to try it for 30 days.
2. Write down the ideas I get during my runs.
3. Follow through with the idea until it is deemed ridiculous or unachievable within the space of a week.

So that is where I'm going to start. Any more ideas? Have you been successful in covering new creative ground and getting "unstuck"? I'd love to hear your ideas!


Joel said…
I initially read "composing" as "composting." That's something else you should do, for the good of the earth.
Kate said…
have you heard this?

i haven't listened to your link so maybe its a repeat. but i really like this when i heard it back in 2009.
scooping it up said…
I think writing down your ideas while you run is definitely a good start.

I also tend to be an editor. Kinda like the facebook founder. I like taking ideas and running with them, changing them, making them even better.

Call it inspiration, call it stealing, I am not as much a creator as I am a re-vamper. That is where I start.

Maybe if there are ideas you have you can see what other people do or think about this things via blog hopping, and take off in new directions.

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