New Favorite Book

I've always loved children's books, and now that I have a little boy I have a good excuse to visit the library and peruse the children's section. Never mind that my son is three months old. Of course the books are more for my enjoyment than his, what's wrong with that? Bean really likes the pictures.
So my new favorite is a book titled: "Big Rabbit's Bad Mood" by Ramona Badescu and illustrated by Delphine Durand. The illustrations are delightful in their simplicity and even makes the bad mood look slightly lovable:

The illustrations have the look of claymation, I love the character's slightly lumpy appearance, and the story is funny and clever. I hate those children's books that try too hard to teach you something and end up sounding preachy. They always end up having the too-realistic-and-slightly-creepy illustrations.

So will this be the start of a new trend? Reviewing children's books on this blog? You better believe it. Will I get better at describing the books? Let's all hope so.


Erika said…
That book looks adorable! I love his Grimace-like body.

We miss you guys back here.

P.S. Remember that one time we all went to Guatemala?

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