Fab Friday

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I taught a rock history class last semester. It all came about when I found out I was scheduled to teach 4 guitar classes that semester. Horrors. After I recovered from being huddled in a pregnant ball of nerves at the very thought of such an attrocious schedule, I decided to sell the magic of a rock history class. After some convincing my principal bought it and after some more convincing two classes worth of would-be guitar students bought it. A miracle in our day. Well, not really, turns out rock history is really fun and very interesting. I had to learn along with the students as I didn't think I could pull one more switch-a-roo and teach about Brahms. Given the choice who would you want to know about at 14? This guy?

Or this guy?

Yeah, I know. So one of the most interesting stories was one I heard about ol' Slowhand (no Brahms was never called Slowhand for all my classically trained musician friends out there :). Check that out! I totally just made a nerdy musician joke! But I digress. It turns out Clapton was in love with George Harrison's wife, Patti Boyd. She was unhappy due to all Harrison's philandering (dirty dog... and he always seemed so quiet and sweet!) and Clapton wasn't all that quiet about how he had the hots for her. According to Patti, Clapton showed up at their place one night totally drunk and challenged Harrison to a guitar duel. For Patti.
A GUITAR DUEL PEOPLE! Have you even imagined anything half as cool?
First Harrison's like:

And then Clapton's all:

Epic. Can't you just hear the Meedle-y mee's burning through the air? Colossal.
I wonder how long it lasted? Minutes? Hours? Well according to the only witness, (I think anyway!) there was a definite winner. Was her judgement clouded as her husband was currently running for president of the most jerktastic douche-y husband in husband-dom? Who knows? All I know is, she said, and I believe it: "Even drunk, Eric is a WAY better guitarist than George."
Let that be a lesson to you. Listen to Eric Clapton and be faithful to your spouse. No good can come of losing a rock duel.


Emily C. said…
Well that was a great post. made my day. I would have loved to have taken rock history from you. As an oldest child with no older siblings to guide me through the rock universe, I feel I really lost out on some coolness. New kids on the block and paula abdul hardley count as rock, but that was my world...
jon and em said…
You are the most clever writer I've ever known! I love this! I love you.

How's life back on the east coast? I tried to call your phone today but I got a busy signal, did you change your number?

Tell my godchild I love him, in a really sonorous godmotherly voice:)
Pam Baumeister said…
Great post Amy. Love the use of the word "colossal."

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