I think I may need to get out more

My conversation with my son this morning:
Bean: Eeeee!
Me: You know I agree? I do think that Bob Dylan was a great artist. But you know? Sometimes I think he got a little too inside himself on some of those lyrics.
Bean: Ahhh -Eeeeee!
Me: I do think he and Joan Baez made a cute couple. But it seemed like monogamy in the folk rock scene didn't really last - especially during the psychedelic era. But we won't get into that...
Bean: Mmmm
Me: I totally agree. I don't know why "Talkin' John Birch Society Blues" wasn't more popular either. It was such a clever song... What a great way to outline and mock the communist paranoia of the times. Perhaps the title was too long. But you know Bob Dylan didn't want to be know as just a protest singer. He wanted to be known as a musician and not be pigeon holed into one particular genre. So maybe that explains the break with Baez and the fact that this song wasn't as popular, and why he went electric in the first place. I think my favorite song is still "Corina, Corina", though, it's so sweet.
Bean: Btttthhhhhhh
Me: Yeah. Probably.


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