Choose your own adventure; haircut revision or Cinderella boy

I got my haircut revised today. My life is AMAZING, I know. So if you really do want to hear all about the haircut, you let me know. But let's talk about Bill Murray. Don't really know the guy, haven't seen all his movies and I definitely have no obscure facts about him. Except that he is the fifth of nine children. Ok, I just learned that from the IMDb website that I linked above. Let's talk about Bill Murray in Caddy Shack. Amazing. I didn't really catch it the first time I saw it in 6th grade. I was participating in a fundraiser: a Rock-a-thon. Unfortunately that does not mean that we rocked our little 12 year old brains out to Aerosmith, Metallica, and the like all night long. Nope. It means that we all pulled up to the school, unloaded our mom's rocking chairs into the gym and sat down with an armada of snacks in front of a huge projector screen and rocked. Back and forth all night long. And watched movies. Intensely challenging I know. I don't think it was a very successful fundraiser. But we did see Caddy Shack. The edited version that is (I had no idea it was edited until recently when I saw the whole thing again. Seriously how many times did we have to see that girl's boobs? I get it! She's a tramp! Sheesh! I think part of it had to do with the fact that her delivery was so stiff that her come-ons may have made me throw up a little in my mouth every time. But she was hot so... she had that going for her). All I remembered was the gopher. Don't even get me started on the gopher. You know you want to do the dance, it's ok, I'll wait... Back to Bill Murray. The man is, and this clip is, well, fantastic. I hear it was totally improvised, but scripted or no, that side-of-the-mouth delivery is a beaut. Comedic genius. If you have the time, of course there is the clip about the Dalai Lama. A thing of hilarious beauty. But if that wasn't entertaining, there's always my haircut.


SusanThombs said…
The Rock-A-Thon!! Completely forgot about it!
Jennifer said…
lol.. yes the Rock-A-Thon! Oh, the good old days.:)

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