That's So Raven

First off, let me just say that I already knew that Lance Armstrong never was and never will be perfect.  He may be near immortal when it comes to physical endeavor but I know he is very human.  It's his record when it comes to relationships that has made me admire him a whole lot less, however.  This blog isn't a slam session on Lance though, I still think when it comes to biking that he is pretty much the cat's pajamas if you know what I mean.  I recently heard though, that he dated one of the Olsen twins for a while.  Seriously Lance?  Seriously?  Yes, those twins who got rich for blurting out infantile one-liners while still in diapers in the magical days of Full House.  Yes, one of those thin, still in college waifs (and who can tell them apart anyway?) was shacking up with Mr. LiveStrong .  Sick Lance, totally sick.  Jeff said "you never know, it could be one of the kids from the Disney Channel next.  Lance and Hannah Montana, Armstrong and Raven."  Can't you just see it now?  Lance, leaving his beloveds first "big girl" apartment, you know the first one she got after moving out of her parent's house, shaking his head at her latest antics and sighing "That's so Raven".  No amount of cardiovascular awesomeness could dig him out of that hole, and no matter what I do, when ever I see a picture or hear a reference to the great Lance Armstrong all I can hear him saying is; "That's so Raven".  


Rebecka said…
Funny! :)

I LOVE reading your blog.

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