I dream of Jeanie... for a year and a half

Sometimes people get songs stuck in their heads.  I get it all the time.  I wake up with random songs or even just a phrase of a song running on repeat through my head.  When ever I have a song in my head, it knocks around in my brain until I open my mouth and let it out.   While I was serving an LDS mission in Uruguay, I had one song that was my almost constant companion.  Even though I would sing it often, it always found it's way back to my brain eventually - the theme song to "I Dream of Jeanie".  I woke up to it, I whistled it through the streets of Tacuarembo, Salto, Montevideo and Colonia.  I taught it to my first Chilean companion.  Surprisingly, it never bothered me.  It wasn't in my head twenty four hours a day but it made regular appearances through out my time in that country.  Why, you might ask?   I'm not sure.  I've always loved the show, and the tune is pretty catchy, but I am really not sure why my subconscious chose that song as the theme song for my time as I was out and about spreading the good word.   I would sing other things of course, including an aria from The Marriage of Figaro when people asked to hear me sing.   But that is another story entirely.
 I am reminded of this quirky occurrence because I stumbled upon this clip on youtube (oh, the wondrous fount of knowledge that is youtube!)  This lady really is making those sounds with her voice alone.  She is from Brazil, which is just north of Uruguay and singing that infectious, stubborn song that takes me right back to the humidity, sunshine and fascinating people in streets of that tiny country.  Thanks to Denise Reis and to "I Dream of Jeanie" for the trip down memory lane.  

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Emily C. said…
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one--I've had "O Come All Ye Faithful" in my head, no kidding, for over two years now. I thought I was going crazy!

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