Three cheers for food

Food and I have a love/hate relationship.  It's not food's fault, it's definitely mine.  But today, it was all about the love, baby.  Jeff and I did a 58 mile ride from Layton halfway down Antelope Island and back.  The ride down was lovely, I felt good and rode relatively fast (Jeff is WAY faster than me but I felt pretty happy about the fact that I didn't loose sight of him once on the way down - yay me!).  But by the time we reached the turn around point, I was tired.  With just one energy bar and a banana each we rested for a bit and headed back.  I was totally spent.  My intention is not to make this a whine fest, but it took every ounce of energy I had and some serious mental pep-talks for me to get back at all.  I was frequently whispering, "come on, legs, seriously, what's wrong with you?  No, wait, I didn't mean it!  I mean, you can do it!  Yay legs!  you aren't pansies at all even though my husband is now in another state and could go for 5 more hours without tiring!"  My legs were too crampy and tired to respond, but I'm pretty sure they were thinking, "I'm giving you varicose veins in ten years for that comment, don't think I won't, jerk"  I was pretty sure I was never going to want to move again after I got off that death machine called a bike that Jeff was so enjoying at a blistering speed up ahead of me.  It. Was. Miserable.  I'm not in amazing shape, but I was really quite surprised to be so tired.   So, yada-yada-yada-long-bike-ride, the glorious moment finally arrived and I lay like a slug in the passenger seat while Jeff searched for a place to eat.  We picked (grimace) Cafe Rio.  Sorry folks, it's just so trendy, it makes me not like it.  But after that steak salad, it was like I was REBORN!  If I could do a cartwheel, I would have.  I felt fan-frickin-tastic.  I could have biked twenty more miles.  So I proclaim; Yay food.  Yay trendy-not-even-close-to-real-Mexican-but-calorie-packed-and-satisfying-for-this-specific-moment, food.   I've decided to turn over a new leaf with food and appreciate what it does for me, fuel my body.  I've resolved to bring way more snacks on long rides with Jeff.  And maybe a jet-pack. 


Rebecka said…
I love the way you think Amy. You're such a joy to read. I'm glad you didn't fall off your bike and die. You were my slave runner once upon a time, I know you know how to push it. Good job!
Amanda said…
Wow, Amy! I don't remember you being a cyclist back in the BYU days. It sounds like you're pretty amazing at it! I do remember when you broke your arm running, though. That stunk, but you loved those hospital pj's, so maybe it was worth it? :)

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