The farmer's market and turning over a new leaf

On Friday Jeff and I listened to an interview on Radio West by the author of "In defense of food".  It was fascinating to think about how much we don't think about where our food comes from.  Jeff and I went to the Farmer's Market the next day and bought 35lbs of fresh fruit, vegetables and grass fed beef.  Why do I state the amount in pounds you ask?  Well, because that's how heavy Jeff's messenger bag was on his back as we biked home with our purchases.  Thanks sweetie.  Both of us would love to buy more organic and local produce but worried that it was just too expensive.  But yesterday, as we simmered our marinara sauce made from tomatoes picked here in Utah only a few days ago and cooked our home-made linguine, it seemed like such a sumptuous feast.  If you are wondering if grass fed beef tastes different, it does (by the way, it doesn't taste sour).  I grew up on a farm and we would eat the beef from our own cows and it was certainly different from the fare you get today.  It was quite good and definitely had more natural flavor and less of a 'just-fatty' flavor.   
This blog post isn't a manifesto, or a commitment to only eat local or organic from now on, but meeting the people that grew and picked my vegetables made more of a difference on how I appreciated my meal than I thought it would.   


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