Utah Farmer's Market

One of my favorite things about the Farmer's market, or any other fair-type atmosphere is people watching.  Ah what a diverse species we are. 

This man's metal guitar sounded just like a banjo and just looking at him made me feel like I was in another time (I think it was the overalls and the mustache).  

It was roasting that day.  I'm not sure gold paint was the wisest choice.  I think I would incorporate a huge umbrella and someone fanning me into the act.  

She played some lovely pieces by Brahms, I think which couldn't have gone better with the delicious tacos I was then sampling.  Things took a turn for the worse when she graced us all with an original composition.  
I'm glad the shutter's click didn't wake him up.  He looked so peaceful, but I'm not sure he wouldn't have chased me down...  Whew, dodged that bullet. 
Nothing goes with everything like chainmail.    Seriously.  Nothing goes with everything like chainmail.  

Except, perhaps, a Moh-mullet. 


Joel said…
I had to take a closer look at the chain mail shirt to make sure it wasn't one of those crocheted ponchos.
The Kyles said…
either way, I'd say they are equally as versatile.
katherine said…
hilarious. oh, i love people watching!

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