The shweeb

Behold.  The Shweeb.  A monorail-type invention that is completely human powered.  Isn't it amazing what we can come up with?  Doesn't this sound like so much more fun than driving to work?  And no emissions either!  Well, that is unless you had beans for dinner and then the only one who would suffer would be you.  Let the punishment fit the crime!   I've often thought; hey, we humans are smart, we've created vaccines, we've put a man on the moon, surely we could come up with a way to get from one place to another without spewing forth noxious gasses that make me choke on my morning runs.  The shweeb may have some flaws, (first of all it's entirely unpractical for mass transit in a city like New York or L.A.) but it's a move in the right direction however far away from the end goal it may be.   A recent NPR spot on science said that the most efficient ways to move people around when considering people moved to energy expended are the zip line or the roller coaster.  The ten year old inside of me exclaims a jubilant RAD!!!!  Wouldn't it be lovely if we were united in our sense of play and creating things that both contributed to the common good and also contributed to the common awesomeness of modern travel?  If given the choice between the ugly inversion of the Salt Lake Valley or the occasional noxious fumes produced after a delicious legume filled dinner, I'd take the shweeb.  


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