2 Legit 2 quit

Yesterday was a rough day. I was infinitely tired and just as cranky. Just ask Jeff.  I think it was partly due to my excessive Diet Coke consumption.  Yes, it does help me stay awake while winding my way down Parley's Canyon.  But evidently one too many makes me crash like a junkie who's run out of drug money.  Oh, the rage in my head would have made me best friends with my old neighbor Walter Cronkite (see blog post below). It's probably good that I was too tired to verbalize even half my snarkiness. I nearly killed the poor furniture salesman who told us that our chairs wouldn't be ready till the next day or the day after that. I kept sending him icy stares and if it weren't for the fact that I was pondering whether I really wanted to move any part of my body ever again at the same time, he would have been the lucky recipient of a tirade over what a salesman is supposed to be and why doesn't he get some cahones and give me what I want! But if I was going to have to sleep right there on the showroom floor, I'd better keep my comments to myself. 
I went to bed that night (I made it home to my own bed) grumbling not-completely-logical complaints to myself until I fell asleep. It's amazing what a good night's sleep and a sunny morning can do, though. To my surprise, I woke up refreshed and feeling great. To top it all off, I heard "Can't touch this" by the venerable MC Hammer on the radio. It's going to be a good day.


Bonni and Pete said…
I will comment on your blog!! so we are back, and we really need to play. soon. also, i do think you are witty and I want to see the new place. also, you need to be introduced to my bike. it's hot.

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