Aaaand were back!

Blogosphere, it's been too long.  But believe me, I'm sure our absence pained me more than it pained you.  We moved and we barely got Internet.  It's good to be back.  In other related news, we now live in an apartment that is bigger than a shoe box.   It felt all the sudden we had so much space.  
Oh, joy never ending.  Now, how to furnish the place. has brought us a beautiful desk and a gorgeous, yet completely broken couch.   We haven't lost faith in that fabulous classified section, but we are definitely learning you have to be VERY careful.  What to do? We are still figuring that out, but it looks like this weekend will be filled with errands and projects.  I promise I'll be back with a more interesting post, and pictures.  Yes. lots of pictures.  I leave you with the immortal, though not completely applicable words of Nacho:  "I would never leave you Chancho, I just need to borrow some sweats."

- Amy


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