Throwback time

I was looking through our pictures to gather photos for a photo book and I got all caught up in various types of nostalgia. I found the first picture taken at Jeff's parents home when I met them for the first time while we were dating. I found the pictures from our oh, so lovely, oh, so romantic, and oh, so rainy trip to Paris. And, I found a few pictures of Lennie. Before we were married, I had a dog that I would take running with me. My sister gave her to me, and she was the sweetest thing, if not a bit hyper. I trained for my first marathon with Lennie, she was a great running buddy, and never stopped for anything. Even though it's been 5 years since I found her a new home (we couldn't find any apartments in the area we wanted to live in that would let us have a dog) I still miss her.


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