Our grand day out

Bean and I went on a little Mommy-son date of sorts a few days ago. It all started when I saw this:

...in the window of Johnny's Luncheonette in town as I finished my morning run. This is no happenstance, I've been checking that window nearly every day since we moved here. I do believe that's the first time some combination of W and Z weren't up there (Wynona Zoolander, you've won free lunch again!!).

On our way to lunch, I notice that the ladder truck was outside the fire station next door and we went down to peek on it. A friendly fireman named Eric promptly came out and showed us around. I thought that Bean would be all over those fire trucks like white on rice, but he was a little intimidated to see them up close. So he had his first tour of the fire station from Mama's arms.

After our tour, we had lunch. Bean's favorite things were the milk cup with the straw, the stone dog behind our booth, and the pickle that came with my delicious meal.

We followed up the festivities with a visit to our friend's house where Bean had a blast in their kid heaven, I mean playroom. Add in the fact that is was almost 50 degrees that day and it was practically perfect!


Erika said…
I can't believe how big he is!! We want to come out and visit you... however, it won't be for the Cape Cod Rag. Kurt graduates on May 11th. But we need a trip back east!

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