Last week's adventures

Last week was pretty eventful. Jeff, Bean and I watched our hometown team get clobbered in the Superbowl with some friends (I love sounding like I actually care about football).

Bean and I took a trip to the Harvard Natural History Museum with some friends. I think I enjoyed it more than Bean did, he was much more interested in the classrooms off to the side with school children. He kept opening doors and trying to wave at the kids. Such a friendly guy...

We spent an eventful Thursday evening cleaning up the aftermath of the norovirus, over and over again and poor Bean took a few days to regain his already untrustworthy appetite. Whose kid is this anyway? Seriously, he does NOT love food like his mom and dad.
Then he got his groove back as we listened to the Funk channel on Pandora. I've tried repeatedly to upload the video of him grooving to the music while eating his lunch, but can't seem to get it work. So just imagine Bean wiggling, waving his arms and patting his head to "Shake your groove thing" it's pretty cute, even in my imagination. Since then, Bean requests funk while he eats by looking at me, and doing this cute little wiggle-groove thing. I'm so proud.


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