The world is the best

You know that song "Christmas Shoes"? I hate it. Stupid songs like that always makes me cry-even though I know it's not real. Well, the first time anyway. Then it just makes me cranky. Come on, just tell me you want me to cry already. Stop trying to be so poignant. Well, here's one that makes it's emotional manipulation a little more blatant. I appreciate that.

I realize the irony of this post directly following a post with a very serious poem in it. Is that irony? Crap.


Erika said…
Loved it! Oh, and I hate "Christmas Shoes" too.

Are you guys coming to Utah any time soon? It's about time I see that little Bean of yours again.
Erika said…
P.S. Often when Kurt and I watch 30 Rock we say, 'wow, Liz Lemon is Amy Kyle.'

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