In which Bean learns some important words

Things are getting more exciting in the Kyle home. Bean's vocabulary continues to expand and he continues to learn to use said vocabulary to communicate with us which is nothing short of awesome. Bean learned three very important words this week.

1. Banana/"Nana" - I have always loved this fruit, so this is an important development. It was the first food he tasted after breast milk. Besides muffins, I pretty much lived on bananas during pregnancy (there's an old-wives tale that women who eat a lot of bananas tend to have boys - kind of funny in a phallicly-symbolic kind of way). But who am I kidding? I eat tons of bananas every day. They are the most perfect fruit I know of.

2. Jesus/"Dezis" - I really wanted him to learn this word around Christmas time. I know he's very little but I totally want him to know that we don't just celebrate Christmas to further the cause of capitalism. We were listening to my favorite Christmas song on youtube and looking at the pictures of Jesus and by the second go round he figured out how to sound out the word. I felt so damn pious. That said, I am TOTALLY going to tell him about Santa, leave out cookies and milk, and write letters with him to the North Pole.

3. Penis/"Memis" - Having a little boy has made me realize more than ever that the life-long love affair with this body part starts pretty early. He may as well know what it's name is.

15 words down, 17,200 to go.


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