Starlings and a New Year

During a long run with a my favorite running buddy, we talked about some of the bad things there are in the world and easy it is to get caught up in life's unfix-able problems. The conversation to a turn for the better as we concluded that though there is a considerable amount of ugliness in the world, there is so much out there that is astonishingly beautiful and full of hope. When I got home I remembered murmurations. A murmuration is a gigantic flock of starlings. The group is actually composed of many different flocks and the group displays some amazing aerobatics. I hope someday to see one for myself. Their magical flight doesn't fix my problems or yours,but it does remind me that God loves us and continues to want us to feel happy and inspired despite of our pain or sorrow. I saw this video on another blog I follow and it was so beautiful I just had to share. With all it's faults this world is still breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth preserving. Happy New Year everyone. May 2012 be filled with a sense of joy and wonder for you all.


scooping it up said…
ok this just made me cry. whew. wanna go there and hop in a kayak together??

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