Grad School? To be or not to be?

So some of you may have heard me talk about my application process for a DMA (Doctor of music arts). I have been working my hiney off to get ready for it, it was due today. I did not turn it in. I have decided to wait another year, refine my voice and get some more performance experience. This decision happened yesterday. Up until then it was all systems go. But when I met with my voice teacher to discuss the recording I was planning on sending in with my application, it seemed evident that it was not a sure thing that I would get in. I have made a lot of progress in the past few months (especially since I started taking asthma medication!) but I honestly still feel like I am rolling the dice and hoping for a seven every time I open my mouth. My technique needs to be more secure than a crap shoot. I know that one more year can't guarantee that I get in anywhere either, but I want my application process to feel a little less like this (the first 20 seconds):

and a little more like this:

So I'm waiting til next fall. Honestly, I'm relieved,I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. So for the next year, in preparation for the real submission of the application, I'll be the singing version of this:


Meesh said…
I'm glad this takes a lot of the stress off. Either way, I'm rooting (is that how you spell it?) for you!
Love you!
scooping it up said…
Wow. I am stunned! And I hope you feel all kinds of crazy relief and peace about it. God's timing my friend. I can speak from experience: you just never ever know what he is gonna throw at ya and why things need to happen in certain orders. Good luck, and I cannot wait to hear you sing next.
Pam Baumeister said…
Three cheers for listening to your inner voice and not pushing your outer voice! You may have other unknown hurdles to get over before you're ready. A wise decision indeed. xoxo
jon and em said…
I'm proud of you. As always.
Mama Jo said…
We support and love you sweetie. I ditto the other's. You'll know when it's the right time. It will just flow. Mama Jo

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