Oh happy day!

It's finally happening!!! After way too much time thinking about it and talking about it; let the singing begin! I am so excited to start my own community choir next week the possibilities for cool repertoire are endless. I know that it will depend on the choir and who comes, who sticks with it, etc. But I can't wait to do pieces like O Magnum Mysterium by Morten Lauridsen, the King Singer's interpretation of Blackbird (but with more soul, I swear the Beatles didn't mean for it to be sung so straight), and gospel songs and jazz songs, I can't wait to get started. And if there's any way for me to figure out a cool way to sing Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones, we'll do that too.



Joel said…
Just make sure you enforce a strict dress code; otherwise, you never know who might show up... you know who I mean.
theriddle said…
Hey I thought you were moving back east?

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