I wanted to be a cheerleader in high school. Let me just get that out of the way before I start into this little list, so all of you can say "well, she's just bitter" of my rejection of the girlie stereotypes I am here-to-fore rejecting. I feel like this post needs a bit of a prologue of explanation so I'll start with these:
1. I love being a girl, I love girly things like pedicures and massages and make-up and getting all fancy.
2. I do love Utah for it's mountains and for all the wonderful people who I consider dear friends. (some of them even use some of the words on my list - but I let it slide)

Ok, now on with my blog post. I have a bone to pick with a few words that have cropped up in the modern vocabulary in the last few years, and I'm callin' them out.

Lurve - what is that? Love mixed with slurpy? Love on a curve, not good enough to not have a weighted grade scale? The drunk version of love?
Breakie - Why? Breakfast wasn't short enough? Cute enough? Are you going to put an 'ie' on the end of other meals? Lunchie? Dinnie? I'm sorry, it just sounds ridiculous.
Mani-Pedi - Ok this one is personal. It just conjures up the general female empty headedness that so makes me want to yell "go read a damn book that isn't by a celebrity!".
Hecka- Good grief. Everyone knows you are thinking "hella" in your head. And "hella" was never that cool anyway. Not even Gwen Stefani could redeem it.
Yummerkins - Eck. This one literally makes me gag, and at the same time think of those people that will treat you like you're five your entire life and make you want to use only three syllable words to try and break them out of it.
Oh, For Fun!- That one's a bit out dated. Even those poor saps that allowed this phrase to frequently pass their lips have mostly given it up. But that doesn't mean I can't sustain an unhealthy grudge against the phrase. It makes no grammatical sense.

There, I feel better. Now I will make my exit wearing the following shirt.


Emilia said…
Love it! Thanks! :)
love this. when i moved out here people always said, "Oh for cute" or "oh for fun" i had NO idea what they were talking about! haha!
Rebecka said…
You are so funny! I guess I've been away from Utah for too long, I have never even heard of those phrases/words except for "luuuurrrrrve" and "for fun!" And I'd have to say I'm glad. :)

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