This is...awkward

I loved The Office from the first time I saw it. It was just enough awkwardness to be hilariously funny. The whole Jim and Pam thing, well I just ate it up. Then, somewhere around last year things started to go too far. Then tonight, the famous "Office Baby" episode stressed me out. I couldn't take it. Really, I couldn't watch the ending, I had to get up and walk out... and write this blog (to cleanse the mental palate). Maybe it's my sheltered childhood and limited TV intake that has made me WAY too invested in the things I watch (seriously I get so embarrassed for some people - that's probably why I can't watch American Idol tryouts for more than about 5 minutes), maybe it's the fact that I'm having a baby in a few months, but awkwardness got to be too much.
All I could see was how I would react to Michael's antics if I were in labor and all I wanted was for Pam to yell at him to get out. Pregnant women should never watch shows about other women giving birth. It just shouldn't be done. Yich.


Gabby said…
That post made me laugh really really hard.

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