Hot Flashes

No, I haven't yet experienced that part of pregnancy where I am always dying because I'm so hot all the time. Perhaps because I'm perpetually freezing unless it's July or I've just worked out, I've just begun to enjoy a bout with normal human temperature. It's been nice. But that's not what this blog is about.
Yesterday when we got home we walked into our apartment and it was... 103 degrees. I know because the thermostat told me so. Actually it said "03" because a thermostat doesn't go up to triple digits. It took until the next morning for the temp to get down to 71, because our swamp cooler has been packed away for the winter. So at 10-ish we moseyed off to bed in our still 87 degree warm house and slept with the window open like it was mid August. I wish I had more to this story. But that's pretty much it. 103! Seriously! Yeah, I'm done


Erika said…
Hahaha. That is so funny. How did that happen? Furnace malfunction?

Anyway, it has been way too long, let's get together soon. Mr. Robotron.

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