Friday observations from the pregosaur

I've had a few observations/thoughts associated with pregnancy in the last few days.

1. If I can avoid crying altogether I can avoid the "ugly cry"
2. I think pregnancy is the only time in my life in which someone kicking me feels awesome.
3. I really miss running, especially now that it's getting warmer.
4. It occurred to me today while I was teaching guitar class that I actually am excited to hold this little guy in my arms.
5. Other people's pregnancy/child rearing stories generally freak me out
6. I've started spilling things on "the belly" because it's just too big to miss now.
7. The more informed I get on the way in which I want my childbirth to be, the more excited/confident I feel (mind you, I started from seriously, neurotically, freaked out, so it will be a long process!).

And there you have it. 7 thoughts for Friday. On pregnancy. And now I'm done


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