Fixie Fixation

Ladies and gentlemen, my voyage into being the most legit hippy bike poser ever is now one step closer to completion - I built a fixie (What's a fixie?). I have wanted one for 6 years now. It all started in Washington, D.C. We would occasionally talk to the many bike messengers on the streets, because missionaries and messengers are on the streets every day. These bike messengers were crazy (we thought anyway), weaving in and out of D.C. traffic on a bike that had only one or no brakes. Crazy. Anyway, most of the messengers were riding fixed gear bikes. I thought that is was such a cool concept and instantly wanted one. Eventually, I forgot about it and moved on. Then, one warm, sunny Farmer's Market day, I saw one that was wicked sexy. The frame color was champagne with burnt sienna highlights. It had bullhorns instead of drops, a Brooks saddle, and a flask holder. I repeat, a flask holder. It was the most simple and sexiest machine I had ever seen. I would have chosen different colors, but it was obvious from the attention to detail that this bike was somebody's masterpiece. Then, all of the sudden, it was on like Ditty Kong all over again. I had to have one. The funny part is, had I built one as soon as I got back From DC, it probably would have been one of the first ones in Utah. I would have had to explain to everyone what it is and my awesomeness and originality would have shone forth like a lighthouse in a storm. Now, about 75% of the people that I see riding around our neighborhood are riding fixies. Every adolescent that wanted to rebel against society traded in his skateboard for a fixed gear. I am officially running to catch up with the bandwagon so I can jump on. I have always been told, however, that it is the thought that counts. I thought of it before any of those pimple poppers even knew what puberty was. So there.

So, to help further the cause, Amy's fantastic sister gave me a genuine old school Chicago Schwinn Continental. Not only made in Chicago, but purchased in Chicago with the original sticker from Rudy's Cycle on Irving Park Road. If that is not original gangster then I do not know what is. Holla! The rest is history.

It is not completely finished, but I have been riding it around for weeks now, so it might as well be. You know how hobbies are, there is always something to upgrade. I just got the metallic gold bar wrap in the mail and am just waiting for the triathlon brake level, then it will officially be complete. I love Ebay. Thanks to Ebay, some guy in Alaska and I are splitting a pair of triathlon brake levers. I will post more revealing pictures when it is all gussied up. By that time, I am sure that most everyone will have already seen me riding it.



Joel said…
So is "on like Diddy Kong" analogous to "in like Flynn"?

I can't wait for "more revealing pictures"—it sounds so scandalous.

Oh, and FYI—you know how else to get a "fixie"? Get a normal, real, useful bike and just don't change gears.
Joel said…
And did you call yourself a "legit poser"? I love it!
Juliann said…
That's about level 10 bike nerd talk. . . especially when you're talking about the color of a bike's "highlights." I totally approve and it made me laugh.

But I still have no idea what a Fixie is.

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