Two's company, but three's a crowd

My first choir rehearsal was last night and with all of the "I am totally coming, but I can't make it until next week"s my expectations for turnout weren't set that high. Which is a good thing. I had three choir members turn out last night; two sopranos and a bass (yay!). The funny thing is, it was still really fun. We learned a few songs (Siyahamba, And So It Goes, and Psalm 91) one soprano sang alto and I sang tenor (which was pretty funny, because I'm a soprano; I definitely wouldn't take that show on the road).
The funny thing is; even with three members in the choir I'm still psyched about the possibilities. Imagine what we could do if we had 6 people! or even 10! (heavens!)

Watch out Mack Wilberg, I'm only 357 singers away from you...
I woke up this morning thinking about rehearsal and about the pieces I want to do, etc. and got all distracted (this made me late again, I've given my self such a small window between waking up and needing to be in the car that everything is timed to the second)and threw off my schedule.
So all in all, it was a good first rehearsal. We were few in number, but it was enough to get me excited for next week. Hooray for choir!
- Amy


Rebecka said…
You can feel your excitment oozing from your words! You are totally in your element. I sure am lucky I got to sing accapela with you to Christmas songs in M-deo---you're gonna be famous some day!

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