Viva Las Vegas!

Yesterday I made my way to my gate to fly home from Las Vegas and I seriously thought I had lost my way. The ceilings were high, the sculptures were fascinating and attractive, and there was light everywhere. I checked my plane ticket probably five times. Where was I? This was not the Vegas airport I knew and most likely didn't love. This wasn't the red open yawning mouth of dark carpet and horridly loud slot machines lining the halls, the bathrooms and the shops. I was always afraid of standing still too long for fear someone would put a portable slot machine around my neck. Compared to the rest of the airport, which looks like an extension of the Luxor - a maze of twists and turns, lined in lurid reds and browns and garnished heavily with neon lights and turning wheels of cherries and dollar signs- this new terminal was an oasis of calm. I took a deep sigh of subconscious relief, sat down and smiled. Las Vegas isn't that bad.



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