Where are they now?

Today is supposed to be Feminist Friday.  I'm not going to lie, I'm postponing it because the subject sometimes intimidates me.  More on that later.  So right now I am going to try and make a grand update on our lives. I'll try and make separate blog posts for each trip we've taken in the last 2 years (but lets face it, that is never going to happen) but here is the time line of events since February 2015 when we moved back to Europe after Jeffrey finished his Masters.
February 2015 - Our visas are finally finished and we fly to Luxembourg and move into a temporary (and awesome) apartment for a month.
 March 2015 - We move to Thionville, France in the last week of this month. It's a town with potential. There are some pretty buildings and some ugly parts it isn't a vacation destination, but the people are nice and we like living in the center of the (tiny) city. D- celebrates his 2nd birthday in an apartment without any furniture.  We stick a 2 candles in a mille feuille and he thinks it's pretty cool.

Our water heater breaks and floods our apartment and I experience my first emergency in which I have to figure things out in a language I barely know. B starts his second year of French pre-school (Maternelle) and D starts French daycare (creche). They both have a hard time at the beginning.
 April 2015 - We are starting to get into the swing of things. I start French lessons and Jeffrey turns a year older.
 May 2015 - I turn a year older, the sun finally comes out and, like every spring, I realize that I am the happiest person in the world.
 June - I get to travel on the TGV (high speed train) to Paris several times to perform with my jazz band in Fontainebleau. I am starting to get better at singing jazz and I scat for the first time in public! July - I fly with our progeny to Utah for a visit without Jeffrey. He stays in the sweltering heat and works insane hours and I party in the sun with friends.
 August - Chaos descends once more as we return to france
 September - B starts his last year of french preschool (Maternelle- Grande section) he finds his teacher to be... not his favorite. D starts creche and cries a river.
October - I run a half marathon in the Amsterdam rain and love every second of it. B takes two trips to the emergency room for what is finally diagnosed as "Belly Fever". I think something got lost in translation...
November - I have no idea what happened this month. We did stuff, the world didn't explode. I probably listened to lots of podcasts on the history of Mormon polygamy.
December - We went to Morocco for Christmas and celebrated it in the most simple way possible. We loved Fez and it's winding streets in the Medina. And EVERYONE loved our children. My boys have now been kissed by more people than I've ever kissed in my lifetime.
January - Who cares about January.
February - I suppose anyone who cares about January also cares about February. Masochists.
March - I see a total of 20 rabbits on one morning run. Abby arrived and became the third member of our family. We took a trip to Milan in which I did not run the marathon I had signed up for there. Defeated sigh.
April - In which we traveled to Copenhagen, Germany and Paris to show our niece around, all while Jeffrey completed one more tour around the sun.
May - I get one year awesomer and J and I complete 9 years of marriage.
June - I have three concerts with my big band and love every minute of it. J gets me a flapper dress and I rock the hell out of it on stage. Abby and I go to Spain and I get a little crazy.
July - We say goodbye to Abby and our sanity and we encounter some immigration "issues" and start looking for an apartment in Paris.
August - We pack up once again, say good bye to Thionville and plan to move to the 17eme arrondissment  making it our 10th move since September 2013.  I begin doing all the administrative stuff in French by myself.  I learn to keep my prolific swearing in these moments in my head.  September- B starts école primaire (primary school) and does well with one more transition.  Sorry buddy.  We promise to pay for your therapy bills.  D- starts Maternelle and cries a lot, but he is in good company, it is generally a weep-fest for all the kids.  Abby moves back to Paris to become an aupair and we get the band back together.   We make up a secret handshake which which D forces me to do every morning three times before I can drop of D at school.
October - The weep fest slows a bit, and B starts to learn to read in French! We fall in love with Paris.  Just kidding, I've been in love with Paris for as long as I can remember.  The boys trick-or-treat, both dressed as batman to kiosks and bars which seem to be the only places where they hand out candy.  It is weird and awesome.  Jeffrey drives to Belgium to pick up an other key member of our family, our Madsen bike, which we promptly use every chance we can get to take the kids around.
November - I don't remember.  Oh yeah, I remember (leaves for a moment to quietly sob in the corner).  I vow to not look at Facebook any more forever.  My vow lasts 2 weeks.
December - We experience beautiful Paris at Christmas.  I ride the carousel 6 times in a row with the boys at the foot of Sacre Cœur.  We finally feel like we have some friends which is exciting.
January - Whatever.  Grey clouds and stuff.  I don't remember.  We ate lots of really good bread.
February - The only thing I remember is my siblings birthdays.  Honestly I've blocked it out.  Except a week when my sister Julie came to visit and it was lovely.  We said goodbye to Abby, which kind of sucked but we get that she has a life and stuff.  Oh and we spend a week skiing with the boys, they decide it is the only thing they want to do ever.
March - We get a visit from Jeffrey's parents and finally get to show them around a bit.
April - aaaaaaaaaaand here we are.  All caught up!


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