Thursday - In the pocket

What does it mean to be in the pocket?  You'll know it when you hear it.  It means to be play music with the ultimate in musicality.  To not only play it, but to feel it.  It is the ultimate in communication between a performer and her/his audience.  Have a listen to some of my examples and let me know what you think!

Damn, Charles Bradley.  Deeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammmm!  Somebody just reached down in my soul and pulled out the deepest feelings of frustration and longing and put it to song.  This man, and his band are just deep down in it.

Speaking of being deep down in it, skip the 1 minute intro and sip on this like a tall, cool mint julep.

The groove of Dr. John's piano moves like a slow freight train.  That's deep.

And I'll leave you in good hands with Nina Simone.  This woman and that voice can heal what ails you.  I can see her face turned towards the sun as she glides so easily over the waves of this song.  Now THIS girl lives in the pocket.



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