Pregnancy and the Bean

I'm in that awesome stage of pregnancy where it just kind of looks like I have a gut.  But I'm not nauseated all the time, so I'll count my blessings.  Speaking of blessings, I woke up from a terrible dream in which I had to rescue Bean from harm's way, to find him sleeping peacefully in his bed.   I am  so very grateful for my beautiful, growing boy.   He's 37 inches tall.  How did that happen?  My little man is growing up fast.  
He got his very own umbrella: 

Climbed on yet another piece of big machinery:
Continues to wear his helmet with pride:
Got some good beach time in this summer:
Continues to make me laugh everyday:
And rocks his Daddy's glasses like nobody else can.  
With 4+ months to go until the arrival of baby #2, he is blissfully unaware of the chaos that awaits.  But then, I think we all are.  Here's to the future!!


kyle and ash said…
Yay for a new baby!! Congrats!

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