A rapper/hip hop artist I can get behind. Can I get a what, what?!

I love music.  I love all music.  But most rap songs that I hear with talented musicians, incredible beats, beautifully produced, are filled with.... terribly written lyrics, anger, hate, disrespect for women and lots and lots of gratuitous sex. All things that I'd rather not listen to.  I want music that motivates, inspires, and excites me, with out leaving me feeling like crap.  So, imagine my joy when I stumbled on this artist.  His name is K'naan.  You may know him from his unofficial anthem from the 2012 FIFA World Championships "Waving Flag".  His lyrics are smart, his hooks are infectious, and his songs are... hopeful.  Big sigh of relief. There's hope for the musical world that my little Bean and his soon-to-arrive little bro are soon to inherit.


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